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Van lines 2006-07-14

Since I've been spending about 10-14 hours a day on a new consultancy website, I haven't had much time to snap pics. But here is one from the archives. Taken about a year ago in Vancouver, BC. Such a beautiful city. It was voted "best city in the world" in 2005 for good reason!

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  • Beautiful shot! Sky, the reflection, color, everything is beatiful! :-)
    tetsu @ Jul-14-2006
  • Agree with ^^

    Very peaceful and calm. Great presenttaion!
    Djego @ Jul-14-2006
  • WOW! amazing. everything about it just amazing
    Ameen @ Jul-14-2006
  • To add what was already said, I like how you timed the exposure, which caused the water to be so still. (Or it could've been still already, but anyways)
    Fokke @ Jul-14-2006
  • amazing photo!

    you are real professinal!

    chemp @ Jul-15-2006
  • just amazing. what else can a person say :)
    photoblog-community @ Jul-15-2006
  • GRRREAT! I love the reflected lights on the water and the colors.
    chema @ Jul-15-2006
  • brilliant shot!!peaceful colors!!
    ToughSpoon @ Jul-18-2006
  • Man this is incredible~! Speechless...
    Noor Hazmee @ Jul-19-2006
  • Thanks for all the kind comments.
    Salar @ Jul-20-2006
  • Beautiful shot, great sky, lovely colors and water texture is great.
    macaco @ Jul-20-2006

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