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Chain of ____ 2006-07-13

So I was having another uncle-nephew chat with the young jedi, when he asked me how to be creative. First I thought, gosh what a great question, can I call a friend? But then my BS juices started to flow, and I told him that creativity is a journey-not a destination. A creative idea isn't something that is simply born, but is the constant adding and subtracting of various complementing and conflicting ideas. Similar to how an interesting story is told with thousands of key words, an innovative and creative idea is comprised of countless smaller parts, or chains. I then showed him the above picture of all the chains united to serve multiple purposes, and it all made sense--to the both of us. Then, he went off to get creative with a nutella sandwich, and I finally decided to incorporate my consultancy company--something I've been dreading for years (Cause of the amount of work involved). But I'lls tell ya, brick by brick, skyscrapers are erected.

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  • well done go for it
    grand ma @ Jul-13-2006
  • Great image. I like the sepia tone in combination with the spider web around the chain. Makes it look retro!
    Djego @ Jul-13-2006

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