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Ugandan Hospitality 2006-07-10

K, enough with the pretty colors for now, and on with some real subject matter. This was captured en route to Mbarara, Uganda.

The conflict in Uganda has displaced over 1.4 million people, 80% of whom are children. Since the LRA has been known to abduct children to use as combatants or sex slaves, about 30,000 of these kids make a nightly commute to urban centres for shelter and safety. Some of these kids don't even know why they make the commute every night, since the 20-year conflict has made this phenomena a 'norm.' Isn't that insane? It is now the 'norm' for these kids to run away from home EVERY night! An entire generation of Ugandan children lost, and another on the brink..

Comments (3)

  • nice shot!I like the children's eyes!
    ToughSpoon @ Jul-18-2006
  • Beautiful shot! I love the expressions.
    Christopher @ Aug-13-2006
  • A scary story with this commute and the LRA, however you managed to show some kind of hope with this photo, at least so it seems to me.
    Peter @ Oct-06-2006

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