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Environmentally Friendly 2006-07-09

I'm uploading an unusually large image today because the small web sample does not do the colors and details of this picture justice. One of my favorite from the golf series.

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  • WOW!! amazing, the view, reflections, colors. great shot. where is that?
    Ameen @ Jul-09-2006
  • Sensational. The colours sure are rich. Except for the cart, which adds a nice touch, I would not ever have guessed this was a golf course.
    ROB @ Jul-09-2006
  • love the reflection off the water and beautiful saturation. well done!
    spence @ Jul-09-2006
  • Wonderful shot! By the way, I like this signature better because it's not sitting inside of the photo.
    Fokke @ Jul-09-2006
  • Thanks guys. This is Hennerton Golf Club in Henley, UK.

    Thanks Fokke! I took your advice to heart and made it less domineering.

    Salar @ Jul-09-2006
  • lovely green and nice shot!!
    ToughSpoon @ Jul-18-2006
  • unreal......... not good.
    Steve @ Aug-16-2006
  • Spectacular !
    Evi @ Mar-28-2007

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