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Par none 2006-07-08

Snapped this fellow playing golf from a distance (FR: 200mm). The only form of post-processing was warm BW conversion and border. Speaking of which, how is my new signature tag on the bottom right? Intrusive or Complementory? Cheers, ~S

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  • Cool shot, how did you get the sky to turn so black?

    For your signature; I think it's a bit too prominent. I think I'd just put the letters SM in white and get rid of the brackets and the black.
    Fokke @ Jul-08-2006
  • Hi Fokke,

    The black section in the background was actually a large hedge; Since the sun was beaming down so brightly, the shadows engulfed the hedge in black.

    Thanks for the note on the sig.


    Salar @ Jul-08-2006
  • Interesting composition!
    tetsu @ Jul-08-2006
  • man on the moon?

    kurt @ Jan-21-2007

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