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Stonehenge 2006-07-06

The interesting part about Stonehenge is not its archeological significance or architectural ingenuity, but how we--as humans--have interpreted its meaning. It's amazing what some rocks in a circle can mean to some people: Some theorized that it represents the female sexual organs, while others believe it's a UFO landing spot. All I know is that it makes for a great photo-opp!

PS: Today's pic looks best with the "light" site style. (Click on 'light' at the bottom of this page)

Comments (6)

  • Beautiful color of the sky!
    tetsu @ Jul-06-2006
  • Amazing. nice pinky Sky
    Ameen @ Jul-06-2006
  • It's still a bunch a rocks ;) but not unpleasant to look at :) What they said ^^
    Fokke @ Jul-06-2006
  • Real or processed?

    Anyway, very well composed. Love the pink and green. And the stones are historic of course!
    Mathile @ Jul-07-2006
  • Pink graduated filter or Photoshop. Nicely executed effect.
    Paul @ Jul-14-2006
  • love the added colour. That sky looks as if it needed a bit of help.
    steve @ Jul-15-2006

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