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Green grass 2006-07-04

Yap, my nephew again. I just love this kid too much. When I SHOULD be researching for my thesis, I find myself browsing child psychology resources to try to better understand his mental and physical state. I spend a lot of time with him, so it’s extremely important that I try to instill positive ethos. I’m not exactly ‘perfect’ (as much as I may think so!), so it’s frustrating to see some of my own weaknesses mirrored in him. His mind works like a sponge, constantly cogitating about itself and its environment. Any form of negativity and it is permanently instilled in its network. Ok, feeling a sliiight pressure as an uncle here….

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  • i never ever saw a picture like this in my life the picture is so alive and the pose is so loving. congratulations to you both.
    grand ma @ Jul-04-2006
  • Haha...kids... the young jedi knight sure needs a master. Good luck being his 'mentor' :P

    His eyes kept me glued to the monitor. Very well taken. The image looks cross processed to me or is there something else here?

    Noor Hazmee @ Jul-05-2006
  • absolutely fantastic. The eyes are hypnotic.
    Dan @ Jul-06-2006
  • Very nice shot. I love the color tones and detail in his face. The green chairs suit the background very well. Brilliant
    Fokke @ Jul-06-2006
  • wow, the eyes... make me think of that national geography famous arabic lady's eyes. Great job.
    cbtoday @ Jul-06-2006
  • May be slightly over saturated?

    I like the cross process though...
    Mathile @ Jul-07-2006
  • Very good portrait! What amazing colors! It also remembered me the national geography famous picture. Don't mind if it is over saturated, I like the effect!
    chema @ Jul-09-2006
  • excellent colors in the skin and detail/color in the eyes! also, very intriguing expression.
    Spencer @ Sep-14-2006
  • Your nephew's eyes are beautiful!
    Bananas! @ Sep-18-2006
  • His apprehensive expression is captured well. Good thing you had the green chairs in the background to match his beautiful eyes! Really complements the image!
    Johno @ Oct-26-2006
  • Beautiful, quite penetrative look! Cute boy !
    Evi @ Mar-28-2007
  • The power of family .
    saeed beheshti @ Jun-03-2007

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