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Protein + H2O 2006-07-03

JULY 2 UPDATE: The blog is finally working! The rat has been put back on the spinning wheel!

After a weeklong hiatus, 95% of the problem has been remedied. The remaining 5% is peripheral upgrades/maintenance, so thankfully it won't affect the daily postage. A big thank you to the Pixelpost team for all their help and support, and a big thank you to the patient visitors.

This image illustrates a water droplet trapped in the web of a spider. As incredibly intricate and structurally stable as these webs are, a mere droplet of a water can be seen in this picture to have broken a few of the silk protein strands (known to be 5 times stronger than steel, for its weight). I think this is a perfect picture to recommence the photo blog, since, as was seen in the past week, no matter how intricate and stable a whole blog system is, the smallest issue has the capacity to bring the entire thing down. I hate Murphy and his stupid Laws, but I love this picture.

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  • Supre macro shot. well captured. Welcome back
    Ameen @ Jul-03-2006
  • Beautiful... :-)
    tetsu @ Jul-03-2006
  • wow, this is cool, also that the water drop has left a pathway. Well observed!
    Kathrin @ Jul-06-2006

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