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The day I flirted with death 2006-06-22

Today I had an epiphany. As I lay on the ground with a smile, it just hit me: God damn life is fragile!

What you see above is the casualty of the near-fatal accident I was in today. I was coming home from the gym, listening to Tiesto on the Nano, going straight on a green intersection, when all of a sudden this 10 ton lorry (lorry is the British term for our Canadian version of: big ass blanking truck!) violently took a left turn. After smacking on the side of his passenger door like a fly hitting a windshield, the poor bike and I bounced off and went straight to the ground. As I'm falling, I hear the giant tires coming straight into me. Instinctively I roll to the right, and the tires crush the bike into smithereens. My body was so close to being crushed that my foot actually hit the rolling tire before I got out of the way.

After a few moments of laying on the ground, enjoying my epiphany, the truck driver came out shaking like he just saw a ghost. Few minutes later the police arrive, followed by multiple ambulances. At this point my adrenaline is through the roof, so I don't know if I'm hurt or not. The medics get me in the ambulance and do a thorough checkup, and subsequently we all sit around amazed at the fact that I just survived this accident with only bumps and bruises. They tell me stories of how often they deal with similar cases of trucks not seeing bikes in their blindspots, however in most of the cases there were fatalities. After a debriefing, report writing, and casual small-talk, the police urge me to file a claim against the driver to pay for the damages to the bike. The police tell the driver that if I had been killed, we would not all be talking casually, but he would in fact be in jail for negligence.

We all part ways, and I carry the broken bike home. The two mile walk gave me another opportunity to dwell on my epiphany: life is indeed fucking fragile.

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  • woh.

    Great story!

    Being A Biker in richmond bc, i've been hit by 5 cars like that.

    I get lucky each and every time.
    Andreas @ Jun-22-2006
  • dude, that's unbelievable. Glad you're ok!
    Markus @ Jun-22-2006
  • "Jules: We should be fuckin' dead now, my friend! We just witnessed a miracle, and I want you to fucking acknowledge it!

    Vincent: Okay man, it was a miracle, can we leave now?"

    -Pulp Fiction
    Kenneth @ Jun-22-2006
  • khak to saram
    nanat @ Jun-23-2006
  • Definitely a story to pass on to others. I'm certainly glad you werent hurt too badly in that incident. On the upside, I really like a 4in1 picture... conveys the story without getting into bloody detail that may genuinly scare the reader to think about.
    Len (Gopher) @ Jun-23-2006
  • thanks god that you are ok
    roya tabrizy @ Jun-23-2006
  • You're a great story teller.

    It's a shame what happened, but happy to hear that you are ok. The bike definitely isn't though.
    Robbie @ Jun-23-2006
  • As a commuter cyclist in Vancouver I must agree that sharing the road with vehicles is a dangerous activity on a daily basis. I've almost been hit a couple times, but evasive manoeuvres have proved vital to one’s survival. Glad you’re okay, bicycles are easily replaced; you, however, are not.

    Pat - Acuracura(RS) @ Jun-23-2006
  • for this reason i don't really understand why bikes have to be rode on teh same road as cars but not the pedestrians

    i have no idea why that is the case

    bikes aren't lethal in anyway (unless u are riding at ur maximum speed right onto someone)

    to pedestrians,

    but cars certainly have 1,000 times more momentum than bikes do

    anyway, glad that u are safe and please take care.
    laurencepak @ Jun-23-2006
  • WOW I'm glad you're ok! People should definately be more careful of their surroundings.
    char @ Jun-24-2006
  • Wow - I just came across your photoblog and wanted to go back a few posts to see your photos; they're great. I also enjoy the information about the photos.

    This series of photos for this post reminds me of my bike accident. Unlike yours, mine was entirely my fault; I went down a hill too fast and rolled the bike... it actually chased me down the hill as I ran infront of it. Luckily I wasn't hurt at all.
    Ernest @ Jul-04-2006
  • Good thing you are still posting, must have been terrifying.. Your stories definately put some extra life in your photos, good job. :)
    Fokke @ Jul-12-2006
  • I like your story, good thing you're ok.
    Andrew @ Aug-12-2006
  • I'm really enjoying your photos - plenty of inspiration for my own work, and some nice processing styles that I'm going to try emulating as part of my efforts teaching myself more about Photoshop.

    All I would say about this nasty event and lucky escape for yourself is that while the lorry driver should have been paying more attention, perhaps SOMEONE shouldn't have been wearing an iPod?? ;)
    owen-b @ Aug-17-2006

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