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Conservation 2006-06-21

This is a work in progress. What I intended was to have the bulb suspended in the air without any power source connections, but I didn't want to resort to digital post-production to make this happen, so it meant some electrical work was required. Unfortunately I haven't yet figured out a way to connect and hide the wires properly without electricuting myself, so for now, here is the raw image without the conceptual additive.

If anyone with a master electrician certificate has any ideas I would very much appreciate it.

PS: The concept behind having a light bulb turned on, suspended in the air without any power sources, and cradled by a child's dirty hands, is this: There is a large silent movement towards increased resource efficiency and environmental conservation. Instead of relying on coal, oil, or other expensive and finite natural resources, innovative resource scientists are trying to discover new energy sources to replace our currently depleting natural resources. One example is the use of human movement to power various mechanical objects: battery-less watches which depend on arm movement, exercise machines at gyms which generate electricity upon every stroke, or revolving doors that generate power everytime someone walks through. The point is, there is an immense amount of energy plundered that could otherwise be derived and conserved for other uses. So essentially, if we can somehow turn wasted human energy into something productive, then we could eventually power objects around us. This is where this concept of the above image comes in, the dirty hands of a child (signifying the final stages of developing such a technology) cradling this innovative and novel lightbulb that depends on no external power but the energy of the human hand. Pretty neat, eh?

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  • this is quite a powerful idea.!

    what i think is that..maybe the way it is now would end up looking better.

    because a lightbulb that floats might not look like a real lightbulb??
    laurencepak @ Jun-22-2006
  • holy crap thats nice!
    Tom @ Jun-22-2006
  • Put prisoners to work on stationary bicycles, I bet that would generate a lot of energy.
    @ Jun-23-2006
  • You see shots like this pretty often, but you don't see much nice ones like these. You've done some great work here. Detail of the lamp very much appeal to me, not to speak of the dirty hands. :)
    Fokke @ Jul-06-2006
  • I love what are you doing. Amazing works. No words... fantastic
    Rodion Kovenkin @ Nov-05-2006
  • This is your conference without words .
    saeed beheshti @ Jun-03-2007

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