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Potency 2006-06-19

With every new picture, I try to switch things up as much as possible, so as to avoid compositional repetition, and also to prevent the blog from becoming predictable. So today, I present a white on light yellow, to contrast yesterday's gloomy clouds of doom.

Here's food for thought: The purpose of every living organism is to ensure longevity through reproduction. Flowers produce seeds (sperm), to disperse their species throughout the landscape through a process called polination. Now the interesting thing is that the flowers that are insect-pollinated (meaning flowers that depend on insects/birds, rather than wind, to spread their seeds) beautify themselves to attract the animals! They've competatively evolved to use vibrant colors and appealing scents to attract these animals! Even more interesting, is that they've developed nectar patterns (kind of like a runway for the insect/bird) to guide the pollinator to the right spot! Is it just me, or is this just friggin incredible? I told all of the above to my 11 year old nephew with dire excitement, and he asked whether I just went through a sex change operation.

lol... Of course not. But you have to admit this is sensational.

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