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Tate overcast 2006-06-18

Final shot of the Tate Modern (for now!) captured from the Millenium Bridge. The photoshop masters will notice a cross-process technique in the bottom half, and a D and B/grad ND on the top half. I originally shot three pictures to process as an HDR, but then realized the high contrast presentation looks more powerful.

Your thoughts?

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  • I don't understand all the photo jargon, but I know this shot is very well done. good composition.
    Mark @ Jun-18-2006
  • Hi there, I think the shot is interesting, but somethimes the hdr technique adds such a strange light, and somethime hdr pictures seem more like computer-graphics images than camera shots.

    Anyway, I think it's all working well for the subject of this image. What do you use for hdr managing?
    marco's light opinion @ Jun-19-2006
  • Really cool picture. Awesome.
    Navin @ Jun-19-2006
  • Navin and Mark, thank you for your comments.

    MLO: I agree with you on the HDR look; I try to avoid it as much as possible as it makes the composition too complex. I often use photoshop to create hdr images, but recently have begun considering HDRsoft's Photomatix. Anyone have any opinions on this software?


    Salar @ Jun-19-2006
  • Great shot. nice composition and clouds
    Ameen @ Jun-19-2006

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