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Stages 2006-06-17

I did something similar to this a few months ago (2006.04.10: Cycle of Life) where I attempted to document the floral cycle; however, it didn't have a very powerful composition since the three stages were divided.

Today's image, in contrast, has all the same features and more: a) the cycle from infancy, to maturity, to senility, b) the stem of the flower which represents dependency in all three stages, and most importantly, c)color! representing life and reality.

My favorite feature of this representation, perhaps, is the way the mid-cycle in full bloom is completely dominating the space of the other two stages, exhausting all resources and leaving little for the other two. Similirities could, perhaps, be drawn to social human interaction--one group within a social class dominating the allocation of resources. ...Just a thought.. ;)

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