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Airborne 2006-02-17

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  • This one is my favorite picture you have ever taken!
    TW @ May-15-2006
  • This picture is astonishing...
    Dan @ May-19-2006
  • Nice picture

    I tried subscribing to your feed but there was an error in your feed.
    Navin @ Jun-19-2006
  • Beautiful picture. There is a special sound effect: I almost feel the blast in your ears while taking it.
    Olman @ Aug-14-2006
  • Hi,

    I see many amazing photos at your blog. Starting from beatufil portraits and ending on very nice still life.

    What Im proud of a little is very nice usage of Pixelpost which Im one of developers. Really good piece of work.

    PS Links to your feeds are incorrect :/ The best would be to put it manually to the template files:



    PS2 Ive added your blog to my feed reader - Im still amazed how your photos are nice.

    Best regards,


    Piotr GeoS Galas @ Jul-22-2007

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