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:-) 2006-06-04

Meet Norman. An 80+ year old gardner living in Henley, UK. This man was truly a pleasure to meet, as he has a contagious smile, a warm personality, and interestingly, wears more jewels on his hands/mouth than Princess Caroline of Monaco. In addition to the gold you see in this picture, he has two solid gold teeth, each with a diamond! I had a chat with him and his wife afterwards, and although the wife despises the whole ordeal, he says "I'm one heck of a fighter!"

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  • Simply too good for words. I realy liked visiting your site, your pictures have a unique style. Very evocative and they communicate quite well.
    Navin @ Jun-19-2006
  • A lot of character in this shot. Is it digital? because it has a great film feel to it. Fantastic.
    Ian Lawrence @ Sep-30-2006
  • Thanks Ian. It is a digital shot. I played with the curves in post-production to duplicate a cross-process look.

    Salar @ Oct-03-2006

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