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tour d'eiffel 2006-06-02

An abstraction of tour d'eiffel captured in November 2005. This structure is the biggest tease in the world. As a photographer I try my best to avoid popular subjects for the sake of originality; but the Eiffel Tower is unavoidable in Paris! It gravitates everyone to its close confines, tightening its grip on your imagination.

SO, I tried to convey that feeling through an abstraction. :-)

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  • great shot! the right one is extraordinary ;o)
    Saxi @ Jun-03-2006
  • I think you've done well that you don't captured the classic shot of the Eiffel. It's something different .. And i agree the left one is the most interesting of all.

    Greetings !
    Evi @ Mar-28-2007

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