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Royal Stairs 2006-05-31

Unfortunately I'll have to return to my archives as I'm working on a few different projects this week, and am unable to shoot new pictures.

This was captured on my eurotrip last year in London, UK. I can't remember the name of the museum, but it was across LSE (anyone know?). I was in quite a bit of rush in capturing this image, as this part of the museum was cut off to the public, and I had to beg the security guard to give me 30 seconds. In retrospect, I should have begged for 60 seconds so I could have setup the tripod to get a higher dof, and perhaps use double exposure to get more detail in the dark areas below; Alas, this is the final image and I'm quite proud of it. Thanks for viewing. Cheers.

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  • WOW!! this is amazing
    Ameen @ Jun-19-2006
  • Summerset House?

    I think that's where this is..

    Incredible shot by the way.
    Markus @ Jun-19-2006
  • Makes me feel dizzy, but it is nice though :-)
    Evi @ Mar-28-2007

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