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Contrast 2006-05-30

Going back to the archives, since I have not taken any recent shots.

This was taken back in Vancouver a few months ago. It was captured from my bedroom window, overlooking the Pacific ocean. The mountains pictured here are in Vancouver Island, which is about 60km away.

I put on the 400mm lens to capture the warm tones of the sunset on the mountain, and later I realized this tiny helicopter was captured as well. Serendipity at its finest. :-)

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  • vancouver is missing you as your home is missing you and your familly are missing you too and looking to the sky if there is any plane to bring you back
    maji @ May-30-2006
  • perfect!
    leova (↑) @ May-30-2006
  • I want a print of this in 20 x 24!!

    Dan @ May-30-2006
  • This is a most impressive image and I am particularly pleased to see the letterbox style of presentation and the ‘mount’. You have some excellent work on here.
    AG @ May-31-2006
  • You are a master in your field. Your portfolio is incredible. I'll be visiting this blog daily for inspiration.
    Ken @ May-31-2006
  • okks like that oldschool heli-game - don´t remember the name...great one!
    Saxi @ Jun-03-2006
  • At least it wasn't a UFO !

    Evi @ Mar-28-2007

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