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The Lock 2006-05-27

The hidden place that no-one goes
The secrets kept that no-one knows
Feelings shown to someone special
Who could that be?

Places inside your heart
That are kept under lock and key
The emotions that flow
Like a calm sea

You ponder, you debate
What could it be...
That miscellaneous love?
That magical key?
The perfect love between you and me!


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  • And there was the human, Created by the Almighty, the most Gracious and merciful. "why to create the human, while we pray you for as long as you wish", the angels asked God, and the reply was " I have placed my own manifestations in this creature and he will carry the Divine secrets in his heart. It is up to him now to unravel and decode these secrets".
    maji @ May-27-2006

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