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Mysteries of Golf 2006-05-26

I never understood how it's humanly possible to enjoy chasing around this ball for hours. But I've played it, and have come to admire the sophistication of it. More on that later, but for now, here is a special self portrait. It's my birthday. :-)

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  • How did you do the pole?

    Happy b-day!
    Dan @ May-26-2006
  • Should of cropped the image a bit tighter, no?
    Johnathan @ May-26-2006
  • Happy belated hun!
    Jen @ May-27-2006
  • Very artistic.....and yes, the game is a strange fascination for all that play it. If you don't play it, you don't really understand. Love the effect on this!!! Happy Belated Birthday
    Paul @ May-27-2006
  • wicked picture dude, as usual. Still trying to figure out how it works. Happy Birthday.

    Fiona @ May-29-2006
  • Very very very clever and I am very much admiring your gallery, top stuff.
    BeakerSt @ Oct-05-2006

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