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Worship 2006-05-18

The image above was taken at Taj Palace hotel in Dubai. It displays UAE’s Supreme Council Members. The displaying of such portraits is very common throughout UAE, and is an attempt at “worshipping.” Worshipping is a form of idolizing. Through repetition of ceremonies, prayers, or other traditional acts, love for an individual or a being is expressed. As humans, we worship God, loved ones, and various supernatural beings. It is no wonder that those of great power utilize the act of ‘worship’ to secure and augment their power. In all the non-western countries I have been to, the government requires that every public institution display an image of their leader/head of state. By incessantly displaying the leader’s image, not only will the population become fully aware of the power that the individual holds upon them at all times, but it also becomes a form of respect and worship. Finally, through the repeated display of the leader’s portrait, a sense of community is created. It is a fact that humans seek a community as it is part of an intrinsic need; thus by connecting a population through a commonality (such as a common supreme leader), the population will form an intrinsic bond. Consequently, the leader will have secured for himself undeniable and undying power, as he is the glue upon which the population is connected.

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