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Community building 2006-05-16

The next few images will be dedicated to Arab culture generally, and Dubai life specifically.

Since oil revenues in the GCC (Cooperating states in the Persian Gulf) rose from $61 billion in 1998 to $300 billion in 2006, many of the countries are investing in diversification policies to emancipate their economies from oil dependency. Much of the investment is in services and infrastructure, and includes the beautification of its communities. These two Pakistani workers in the image above are among the tens of thousands that are employed to beautify and maintain various communities in Dubai. Part of the reason for this, of course, is to create a sense of ownership and community within the Dubai culture. There is a direct correlation between a well-kept community, and the propensity of its inhabitants to invest. Similarly, if a community is not well maintained and livable, then there is a higher tendency for crime, human flight, and ultimately economic collapse.

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