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Development through Transport 2006-05-10

Rwanda, in contrast to Uganda, is much more developed. Through the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and various other international bodies, Rwanda has made significant improvements to its infrastructure. As you drive through the country, you notice the vast structural improvements to their roads and buildings. Rwanda has made such significant infrastructural and security improvements since the genocide, that today, Rwanda is considered the safest and one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. The image aboves displays the vast paved and lined roads that run even through some of these tiny villages! It is quite a contrast witnessing European style roads disecting poverty-torn rural communities.

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  • Ilike the way you are seeing the different aspect ot your trio I have seen most of the world and i love this view and scenary it is so beautifull and your shot is so clear , are all roads in rovanda so clean ? are all houses have red roofs and why I wonder if this colour reflect anything?
    maurice @ May-10-2006
  • nice contrast between modern roads and these rural huts
    laurencepak @ May-11-2006
  • The part of the road in the foreground is out of focus!
    Dan @ May-16-2006
  • Winding road indeed. :-)
    tetsu @ May-19-2006
  • I've just had a good look through your blog - a lot of great shots. This one really leapt out at me, the composition is fantastic.
    Phil @ Jul-08-2006

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