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Memorial 2006-05-06

In April 1994, genocide unfolded in Rwanda, where over 800,000 Tutsi and Hutu moderates were massacred by extremist Hutus in less than three months. The brutal mass killings, orchestrated by government officials, high end social elite, and carried out by normal citizens within each community in Rwanda, ended when the RPF regained control over the country. During the initial days of the killings, the Hutu extremists, angry about international involvement, decided to execute ten Belgian soldiers in an attempt to keep the international community out of Rwanda, and the subsequent killings. The extremists were extremely successful in this end, since Belgium abandoned its peacekeeping operations, and left Rwanda immediately. The international community then watched as close to one million innocent Tutsis got exterminated by machetes. This room pictured above, is the room in which the ten Belgium soldiers were executed. Upon removing their weapons, the Belgians were beaten and thrown in the left corner. A grenade was then thrown in the room. After the blast, when a soldier went inside to ensure all Belgians were indeed dead, a remaining Belgian, who had crawled to the other side of the room, and survived the blast, initiated a hand-to-hand combat with the soldier. After a brief struggle, the Belgian gained control over the soldier’s weapon, and was successful in shooting at others standing outside. When the last bullet in his magazine was emptied, the soldiers came inside the room, and brutally executed the remaining Belgian. This room is now a memorial for the ten Belgians. All the bullet/grenade indentions are left exactly the same.

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  • is your mother proud of you sir?
    jilla @ May-08-2006

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