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The facade 2006-05-04

Another image captured in Uganda, en route to Rwanda. One thing you will immediately notice while driving through these roads, is the entire community relies on the economic transactions that occur on a single road: the road which runs through the city. Similar to the “wild wild west,” where the community congregated in one main street for all their needs, these small rural communities depend on the commerce which occurs on this main road. The interesting part is that it is filled with weathered buildings and weak architectural designs. Some made out of mud and sticks; others made of wood and stones, and others out of brick. In front of each store, you will find the shop owner lounging on a chair, awaiting business. In front, there are usually kids playing, men fixing broken down boda-bodas, and teens fixing/cleaning their bicycles. Each façade has a unique story to tell, and each is worth spending a day staring at. It is indeed my favorite frame in Uganda.

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