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Efficiency 2006-05-03

Ok, enough with the portraits for now. I captured this image en route to Kigali, Rwanda. Aside from the absolute natural beauty of these mountains and hills, upon driving for about a kilometer, it becomes immediately clear that not a single inch is wasted on these lands. Everything is harvested, and everthing is cultivated. In addition, every member of the family contributes to the large amount of work involved in maintaining and harvesting these lands. This is quite a sharp contrast to the western model of having a single breadwinner within a home. I wonder what repercusions this has on the resilience and unification of the family; the more the family depends on one-another for survival, the more reason they will have to maintain a close intimate relationship; the more they maintain familial independence and autonomy, the more they will find themselves alone, depressed, and helpless. Perhaps one reason why there is a depression epidemic in our western societies.

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  • Wonderful landscape!!!!!

    I like this. :-)
    tetsu @ May-29-2006
  • Wow.

    Constantin @ Sep-08-2006
  • The colors are amazing. Its like a beautiful blanket. I also enjoyed reading the accompanying text. I think you are right about the western societies depression epidemic. I love your photos.
    Wendysworks @ Apr-30-2008

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