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Unconditional joy 2006-05-02

Portrait 4/4: As we meandered along the market through downtown Kampala, we were approached by a younger gentleman with questions of curiousity; as we conversed with him, more and more started to gather around us. Then an older handicapped man hypnotically approached us demanding attention. As my colleague began videotaping his persistent ritual dance, I walked around capturing the crowd's energy. The man's dance consisted of unpredictable steps forwards and backwards, with his pupils tucked in his head only displaying the white part of his eyes; his hands swung around, accompanied by rhythmic hums. As the crowd gained momentum, I approached the old man to get a portrait shot. At first he was not open to the idea of me being in his face with a camera, but slowly he began to open up, though still no smiles! I was making faces, I was clowning, I was begging, but still no smile! Finally I asked a Ugandan to say something funny, and as soon as he reacted with the smile you see above, the entire crowd of about 20 Kampalans erupted in cheers and laughter! I am still smiling as I write this.

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  • nice!

    i'd love to see pictures of the crowds too, considering most of the pictures u posted are tight headshots

    laurence. @ May-02-2006
  • Hi Lawrence,

    Thanks for the comments.

    I'll post the candid shots in RS upon my return!


    Salar @ May-03-2006

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