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Inconstant 2010-04-01

The Caspian Sea, captured around 15:00 on March 31, 2010 in Chalous, north of Iran. I had neglected to bring the tripod along on this day, so I improvised and built a structure of rocks to support the 5D and lens, prior to taking this long exposure image.

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  • ;)
    saeed behesti @ Apr-02-2010
  • Your pictures always have a certain calmness about them. You must be a very peaceful person!
    Heraldo @ Apr-03-2010
  • Beautiful, it's so soft.... :D Great work!
    Laura Abigail @ Apr-05-2010
  • nice set and tones
    francisco pinto @ Apr-05-2010
  • Marvelous!
    moodaholic @ Apr-17-2010

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