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Saintly 2009-08-12

Santorini, Greece, August 1, 2009.

I fell in love with Greece upon seeing a multitude of images of white washed houses with blue domed rooftops, blue windows and doors, against the backdrop of immense blue oceans and distant islands. It seemed like a dream place, and it really was. So when I visited the Greek Islands, I tried my best to distance myself from the cookie cutter composition we've all seen of Greece. But it was difficult. Because the typical composition -- the white washed house with a blue domed roof as the foreground, and the immense ocean with distant islands in the background -- is representative of the unique simplicity and sense of solitude that one feels on these beautiful islands. So this image is my attempt at reconciliation.

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  • Wonderful scene and a perfect capture.
    PIXistenz @ Sep-08-2009
  • Really beautiful capture.
    Daniel Seguin @ Sep-19-2009

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