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Beutification 2009-03-30

I'm in Seoul (Korea) this week for a business trip. This is my counterpart, Chris, whom works for a cosmetic laser manufacturing company. The laser systems they produce treat acne scars, wrinkles, etc. Since the scheduled patient did not arrive in time for us to see how the system works, Chris was kind enough to be the guinea pig. This picture is of him waiting for the facial anesthetic to temporarily block all sensation on his face, so he can undergo the extremely painful laser treatment.

PS: Sorry about the two week downtime on the website. I had neglected to pay the domain registration fees, and the registrar was intending to delete it.

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  • Scary. :)

    Good shot.
    PIXistenz @ Apr-06-2009
  • I like the background. But it would be better if it was slightly darkened, as it detracts from the subject, I think.
    John @ Apr-09-2009
  • Fantastic! :))
    Caei @ Feb-19-2010

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