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Elle 2009-01-04

The lovely Elle, August 2008.

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  • A cool photo, nice deep in it and a beautiful model. well captured
    Micke Bergling @ Jan-04-2009
  • we love her , too .
    saeed @ Jan-05-2009
  • Yes, she's beautiful. So you brought a sofa along with you?
    PiXistenZ @ Jan-11-2009
  • Thank you for your kind comments.

    Yes, I threw the couch in the back of the 4x4 and drove to the middle of the desert.


    Salar @ Jan-12-2009
  • which desert?
    Sina @ Jan-18-2009
  • متاسفم برای کسی که کامنت بالا را نوشته است، چقدر بدبخت و بیچاره ایم وای بر ما وای
    Shahed @ Jan-18-2009
  • Lovely Photo , Keep it up
    Mash @ Jan-18-2009
  • khaily axe zibae hast, vaghean moteasefam baraye un kasi ke bejaye zibae in aks va zibae jae ke ax dar unja gerefte shode be chizaye mozakhraf negah mikone.
    Hilda @ Jan-18-2009
  • That's awesome, man! Congrats!
    Ali @ Jan-18-2009
  • How could you carry the sofa without leaving any foot prints and tracks?!

    Awesome pic, nice desert,


    Shahryar @ Jan-18-2009
  • Sorry to say so.But what`s this.It`s totally black
    Phoenix @ Jan-20-2009
  • Love her apartment, a little too big for me though

    Great portrait, good work here !
    bardamu @ Apr-13-2010

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