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Desert Hues 2008-12-21

A shot of the desert just outside of Yazd, Iran. Yazd is the driest major city in Iran, and reportedly the second most ancient and historic city in the world.

For this shot, I took a 12 hour bus ride (700km) south of Tehran, rented a car and driver to drive about an hour outside of the Yazd city center, and walked about 2 hours in 52 degree summer heat. At one point I was so dehydrated and physically ill-prepared that I passed out – only to be shocked back to life by the scorching heat of the sands. Certainly the most difficult capture to date.

Here is a video that illustrates the destitute of the environment, and the moment right before the capture of the above image. Video

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  • amazing shot. i'm impressed by the work you put into it. i don't know if i could have handled the weather (although, with temps minus 30 degrees F by me right now, the 52 degree C heat sounds almost good!) bravo!
    andy stenz @ Dec-22-2008
  • WOW...

    This is simply amazing!!
    KG @ Dec-23-2008
  • tanhaeeto too in frame doost daram .
    saeed @ Dec-29-2008
  • Magic image... the colors are so pure and perfect... I can't begin to imagine how good this would look like printed large...
    Francesco @ Jan-02-2009
  • Superbe image avec des tonalités claires rendant compte du soleil du désert.
    Olivier @ Jan-04-2009

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