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Life 2006-04-28

And then they wonder why third-world countries are unable to produce basic living standards for themselves. It is due to scarce resources, non-arable land, and lack of economic infrastructure that so many inhabitants of our planet go to sleep hungry every night. I was discussing the African predicament with a colleague, conversing about structural deficiencies, when he shockingly blurted social Darwinism (a theory that the “strongest will survive;” in this context the strongest society/culture will survive). To add insult to injury, he justified colonialism and slavery by making the point that slavery was initiated by local war-lords within African societies, and not necessarily by colonialists. Per this argument, then, there is an assumption that many of the issues faced by African countries today, were initiated internally. I wonder if the same argument could be made for Indigenous peoples in North America; A culture decimated due to imperialist intentions. Or, I wonder if the British Empire or the American supremacy would still hold if their respective environment for growth was Africa, and not the current strategic geo-political, or resource-rich settings. Social Darwinism is a preposterous claim because it has a hyper-linear string of logic that does not take into consideration many contributive elements.

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  • Hope in desolation.
    Evi @ Mar-28-2007

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