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Indian Breakfast 2008-12-17

Behind the Taj Mahal, Agra, India

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  • Realmente maravillosa. Felicidades.
    e m i l l a m o l a @ Dec-17-2008
  • That's a very nice shot and a different angle of the Taj Mahal. I also took some shots of the fishermen from the bridge to the right of this scene.
    Catalin @ Dec-17-2008
  • Wonderful shot! I love the composition and the warm tones. Perfect balance between foreground and background. Bravo.
    Giovanni @ Dec-17-2008
  • Fantastic mood, the mist/fog adds so much to the atmosphere!
    Claus Petersen @ Dec-17-2008
  • damn impressive..
    PiXistenZ @ Dec-18-2008
  • I'd call this one a NG photo :)
    KG @ Dec-23-2008
  • Incredibly shot, great work
    Omar @ Dec-26-2008
  • Perfect!
    Eleftheria! @ Jan-07-2009
  • Great shot! Perfect moment and gentle light contour the atmosphere.

    Dr.Ozdi @ May-08-2012

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