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Architectural Symmetry 2008-12-14

In the Taj Mahal Complex, there are two large red sandstone buildings that are open to the sides of the tomb, which are precise mirror images of eachother. While this picture is of the Mosque, the one on the other side of the Taj Mahal is the Jawab (answer), which serves the sole purpose of providing architectural balance and symmetry.

Even though I bought a Canon 24mm F3.5L TS-E lens especially for this trip, I rarely used it, and instead used the Canon 17-40 F4 for architectural photography. I learned that if you place the structure in the top half of the frame using the 17-40, you can use the chromatic abberation of the lens to correct some of the line skewing. This image is a perfect example. I shot this at 28mm, placed the structure in the top half, and cropped the bottom for the final image. If you notice the symmetrical lines are near perpendicular to the horizontal plane.

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  • great pic, I see your rational and it worked very well. Is that sensor dust in the sky or birds?
    scuba @ Dec-16-2008
  • Thanks buddy. All the little black dots are birds. I already cloned out all the dust spots. :)


    Salar @ Dec-16-2008

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