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The Taj 2008-11-14

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  • amazinnggggggggggggg.
    elle @ Nov-15-2008
  • I see Chromatic aberration!
    Reza @ Nov-17-2008
  • This is not just a good shot of the Taj, it's even one of the best I've ever seen! Been there too, and I totally didn't see this. Congrats.
    PiXistenZ @ Dec-17-2008
  • Just love it
    Hongyu @ Dec-18-2008
  • Thanks fellas.

    Kris I wouldn't have seen this frame if my g/f hadn't lured me to the quite and serene area just behind where I'm standing. So credit is due her way. Thanks Elle!
    Salar @ Dec-21-2008

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