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Indian Mantras 2008-11-01

A shot of Taj Mahal from my recent trip to India

November 7 Update: Video

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  • wow! that's just awesome!
    joshi daniel @ Nov-01-2008
  • Fantastic shot!! All is present, ambiance, atmosphere, composition, subject, well done!
    Wilfried @ Nov-01-2008
  • Excellent !! beautifully framed so still and calm PERFECT !!!
    Philip @ Nov-01-2008
  • wow! Just amazing shot. A great atmosphere. PERFECT!
    Polydactyle @ Nov-02-2008
  • man..this is good
    PiXistenZ @ Nov-02-2008
  • Glad to see the flame has been rekindled giving us some amazing new works of art to stare at amazement with. Great job in adding the video, stills can only do so much. I'm sure this is something that you'll cherish forever. I'd buy it and hang it in my loft;)

    scuba @ Nov-12-2008
  • wow !
    saeed @ Nov-29-2008
  • Majestic! Happy and peaceful 2009....
    Evi @ Jan-07-2009

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