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Orlice 2008-03-03

I just returned to Iran from a short trip in Prague, Czech Republic. And wow, what an amazing city to be in. Unfortunately I was there on business, so I didn't have an abundance of time to go sightseeing, but what little I saw, I loved. It's because Prague has the most architecturally cultured cityscapes I've ever seen. Prague is a small city full of churches, lively courtyards, dark passages, and an 1100 year old castle, all interconnected by cobblestone streets.

Anyway, this first image here is completely and utterly unprocessed, directly from the camera (only resize). More and more it seems people are put off by my post-processing (or at least disappointed to hear it was worked on), so I'm trying to minimize the work in PS, and maximize the effort in taking the picture. Therefore, for this particular shot I didn't do much as to even sharpen the picture. I used two .9 GND's to control the exposure and a CP to bring out the colors. Would love to hear your thoughts. Cheers,

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  • very nice colors and interesting pov
    yiannis krikis @ Mar-03-2008
  • I love this composition! Very nice shot.
    nataJane @ Mar-03-2008
  • I can't believe this is unedited! Incredible.
    Mehran @ Mar-04-2008
  • Salar!

    I totally agree with you! Prague is the queen of the cities at least in Europe, i think!

    Many photos in Nikos' site as well...

    Hope to see more of Czech Republic.

    Take care.
    Evi @ Mar-18-2008
  • It nice how non Prague/Czech photographers see these places.

    Dr.Ozdi @ May-08-2008
  • i really love this vertical depth, very very nice
    fabrizio @ Apr-07-2010

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