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Alborz Pique 2008-02-23

A shot of the Alborz Mountains, taken from Shemshak - Dizin road, 1.5 hours north of Tehran.

At the end of a full day of skiing at the Dizin Ski Resort, we realized all roads to Tehran had been closed, due to heavy avalanches, which had apparently trapped 11 people. After a few hours of waiting for the road crew to clear the roads, we began the decent down to Tehran. However, precisely at the site of the avalanche, there was an opening in the road, and I saw this majestic scene displayed above. Immediately I jumped out of the car and took a few snaps with the 5D. I used two, 3-stop grad ND filters to control the exposure on the peak, and bring out the details in the shadows.

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  • light balm !
    saeed beheshti @ Feb-24-2008
  • This is really, really dreamy. Well done Salar!
    Evi @ Feb-27-2008
  • Very beautiful shot.
    Brain @ Feb-27-2008

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