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Alborz 2008-02-07

A shot of the Alborz Mountains, taken from Dizin Ski resort, 3750m above sea level, 2 hours north of Tehran.

The original shot had the most incredible deep blue color, but I think the monochrome adds depth to the image.

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  • Wonderful. I didn't know that you got so much snow in winter even though I know that it's almost 4 km above sea level. The light on the mountains is fantastic.
    Jacob S. Jensen @ Feb-07-2008
  • Dear Jacob,

    We had so much snow in Tehran in the past few weeks, that almost all public/private institutions were closed for almost a week!


    Salar @ Feb-09-2008
  • very beautiful landscale - excellent tone range
    yiannis krikis @ Feb-16-2008
  • Beautiful B&W mountain shot! such a spectacular landscape... great stuff
    John Zeweniuk @ Jul-07-2008

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