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Linear dialogue 2006-04-26

I know I promised a-picture-a-day but due to extenuating health circumstances, I was down for a few days. Twenty hours of sleep every day is helping the recuperation process, but the eating phobia my body has developed as a consequence of food poisoning, is not.
Anyway, this picture was captured in Bur Dubai a few days ago. Ever feel as if your conversations have become repetitive and completely redundant? As if the same words are spoken to reflect the same emotions? That is what I call linear dialogue. When we lack the will to seek diversity in our life, we experience little growth within the confines of our symmetrical, habitual, and repetitive lives. This image is a perfect representation of this ideology because there is a sense of symmetry within the image. Aside from the leading lines and repetitive shapes, there is also a mirroring of physical expressions between the two subjects. What are you doing today that you did not do yesterday?

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  • this picture looks so symmetrical. as you described it, it looks almost like a mirror image, and yet its so obvious it not

    how are you enjoying ur trip?

    laurence pak @ Apr-27-2006
  • Thanks for your comments, Laurence; The trip is great! Very enlightening and eventful; going to Rwanda tomorrow! :-)
    Salar @ Apr-29-2006

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