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Red Snakes 2008-01-07

This picture was taken at 2410m above sea level in the Alborz Mountains. The red lines belong to car brake lights, navigating the infamously deadly Chalous Road which connects Tehran to the Caspian Sea.

Comments (10)

  • Good work!
    Jorge @ Jan-09-2008
  • Long time I have not seen your blog. I like the contrast between the red and the blue!
    Diego @ Jan-09-2008
  • This is an incredible shot. I'm a first time visitor, and I will be back to explore you photography.
    Robert @ Jan-10-2008
  • Unusual and striking image. Well taken.
    anton @ Jan-10-2008
  • lovely!
    Sumedh @ Jan-11-2008
  • excellent landscape and very creative shooting
    yiannis krikis @ Jan-11-2008
  • pesar nomrat biste !
    saeed beheshti @ Jan-12-2008
  • I thought this was day light at first, but upon closer inspection it is clear this was taken just after sunset. How long was the exposure? C'est tres magnifique!
    Rizwan @ Jan-12-2008
  • This is spectacular shot, bravo Salar!
    Evi @ Jan-16-2008
  • Great colour in this one!
    John Zeweniuk @ Jul-07-2008

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