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Restless Wave 2007-12-01

This image was captured last July in Chalous, Iran. Chalous is a northern city approximately 150km north of Tehran, and on the edge of the Caspian Sea. The image was captured around the same time as this one.

After looking at the image, a colleague of mine recited a very powerful poem, which translates to: 'If the wave knew that the shore will never hold its hand, it would never try as hard.' [Agar mowj midanest keh sahel, heech gah dastash ra nemeegeerad, barayeh recedan enghadr talash nemeekard]

Comments (6)

  • Such a wonderful image and beautiful words :)

    Brilliant work Salar!
    Bob! @ Dec-02-2007
  • great capture!
    kairospix @ Dec-02-2007
  • Absolutely fantastic! The b&w fits the picture very well. I think this one is better than the previus one that you have uploaded from this place. Once again, great work and wonderful poem :-)
    Jacob S. Jensen @ Dec-04-2007
  • extraordinary. no more words... lets listen the waves...
    Rodion Kovenkin @ Dec-12-2007
  • Tranquil and kinetic at the same time. Beautiful photo.
    MarkDM @ Dec-13-2007
  • Nice one - love the contrast of the detail of the wall with the fluidity of the sea.
    anton @ Jan-10-2008

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