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Limited Visibility 2007-11-30

This is a shot from my office in the heart of Tehran, Iran. What you see is not mist, but a layer of pollution sitting on top of the city. Air quality is at a lethal crisis level. Visibility is down to about 5-7km.

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  • Great use of negative space in this image.
    Shawn @ Nov-30-2007
  • Wonderful foggy view and a great bonus getting the guy up the pole :)

    Beautiful shot!
    Bob! @ Nov-30-2007
  • OMG, it seems it's getting worst! Impressing candid shot! I checked the other photos here and really like them! Congrat.!
    Vahid @ Nov-30-2007
  • Great capture - The composition works so well, shows exactly how high this guy is!! Scary stuff!
    Ian @ Dec-21-2007

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