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Palette of my Dreams 2007-11-25

It is generally believed that there are two types of people in the world, those that devote their life to excelling at whatever they do, and those that are always content with what they have. In the former case, it is always a matter of evolution; always one foot after the other; always expansion; always moving towards something better, quicker, faster, more efficient. In the latter case, it is simply -- death. But I believe an important postscript needs to be added to this maxim: that life must be a dynamic ebb and flow between both states of being. That one must continually assess his/her surrounding to dialectically choose which elements to keep, and which to evolve. I believe that while consistent radical change leads to anarchy, consistent complacency leads to decay.

Comments (9)

  • What a beautiful shot Salar. The colours here are just amazing :)
    Bob! @ Nov-25-2007
  • This is near perfect. Amazing shot and place all the same (and really like the 16x9 treatment!) - very well done!
    Jessyel Ty Gonzalez @ Nov-26-2007
  • wow. just wow. great job on this one.
    kelvn @ Nov-29-2007
  • Beautiful, absolutely amazing!! These are my very favorite types of photos. Stunning
    Karrie C @ Nov-29-2007
  • This is really beautiful. Must look even better at full resolution with all the details in color.
    Shawn @ Nov-30-2007
  • When i saw the thumbnail i said exactly the same thing as the title: Dreamy! What a place, what colors! Very well done!
    Evi @ Nov-30-2007
  • A perfect pallete .
    saeed beheshti @ Dec-23-2007
  • khaily zibast, khailyyyyyyyyyyy
    Hilda @ Jan-18-2009
  • This shot is awesome.The colors are really powerful and the picture has a good depth.

    Also i Enjoyed your own comment on the picture.
    Phoenix @ Jan-18-2009

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