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Abbasian 2007-10-14

An elegant view of Iran’s fine architecture. This is the Abbasian Historical House, situated in the ancient oasis city of Kashan, 230km south of Tehran.

Comments (5)

  • Beautiful lighting and small details. Keep it up.
    Evi @ Oct-15-2007
  • Just a superb architectural shot with a good game of light and shadow.
    Florian @ Oct-15-2007
  • Great shot. I like the architecture and the colours
    standley @ Oct-16-2007
  • interesting lines and tones. i like the blue sky through the window.
    Andrew @ Oct-16-2007
  • Great architecture. The light and shadows is so nice. The architecture is impressing. What seems quite simple architecture (straight lines e.g.) is actually very complex! The simplicity of the architecture makes it very complex...
    Jacob Skødt Jensen @ Oct-19-2007

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