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Reflections on Freedom 2007-08-31

The last image posted to this blog was a month ago. Longest hiatus in DP Blog’s 18 month history. The reason was simple: Market Rumble and its accompanying editorial were ubiquitously representing a specific facet of Iranian culture: a negative view of violence and hopelessness. So I put the camera away. I wanted to search for happiness and hope. Of optimism and altruism. I wasn’t going to be able to accomplish this by putting a camera in front of my face, but by engaging with the culture.

A month has passed, and I have nothing to show.

Instead, today I post a sub-standard image of a sky, as reflected in upper-class apartment windows, titled Reflections on Freedom. I cannot articulate my own reflections. But I can say one thing with certainty, when your freedom is compromised, you feel a little less hopeful.

This morning I had a business trip to Vienna. I was denied exit from the country at the airport…

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  • Excellent compo with a good opposition between warm and cold colors.
    Florian @ Aug-31-2007
  • This was totally unfair, they are very strict, come back to Vancouver the soonest...
    Evi @ Sep-03-2007
  • Thanks Florian, Evi.

    I got my passport back today. Turns out I can not exit the country without direct permission from the Passport Office. Every time I want to leave the country, I have to navigate a complex bureaucracy to attain travel approval. The process only takes 2-3 days, but it's a bloody nightmare.

    I'm beyond furious for missing the opportunity to visit Vienna...
    Salar @ Sep-04-2007
  • I understand my friend, it is perfectly understandable. What a pity...
    Evi @ Sep-07-2007
  • Great shot and great story about the difficult life in Iran. I really like your posts because they are thought-provoking and so different from my everyday life.
    Jacob Skødt Jensen @ Sep-15-2007
  • Hi , my free friend .
    saeed beheshti @ Sep-17-2007

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