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Market Rumble 2007-07-27

My flight back to Canada, after spending almost three months in Iran, was last week. I wasn’t on it. Instead I rescheduled it for April 2008, but I may even stay longer. It's not that life is easy, cheap, or fun in Iran, as compared to a western liberal secular culture like Canada. It's exactly the opposite. It's a doggy-dog environment where the individual is paramount and the community irrelevant. It’s a highly volatile culture, with very few traces of what was once considered an Empire. Instead, the social, political and economical challenges have created an acutely explosive society where everyone walks on the edge of viscosity, without any specific targets.

So I will stay. To understand; to learn; to grow; to document.

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  • Excellent shot where you captured a particular instant. The glance of the man on the left is very strong !
    Florian @ Jul-27-2007
  • Hey Buddy,

    Longtime no talk, I'm both happy and sad to hear you won't be coming back to us anytime soon. I’m Sad to know that we will have to postpone our West Coast adventure travels that much longer, but happy to hear you have an idea/dream and are committing to following through with them. I may have to come visit this land that you speak so highly of and capture so brilliantly. Keep us posted.

    Safe Travels,


    Steven Renaud @ Jul-27-2007
  • It's a bold act that you've decided to stay more time in Iran, surely this country has something special for keeping you there for so long! Different people, culture,environment? Probably all of these and many more.

    Keep shooting and take care of yourself!

    Best regards.
    Evi @ Jul-30-2007
  • Explosive, the big man in the middle looks like he's about to jump on the other guy. What happened here?
    Djego @ Jul-30-2007
  • Good job freezing the action here. Especially good in BW. Great photojournalism work.
    Alex @ Jul-31-2007
  • Great moment you've captured; it'd be nice to know more about what's going on and the outcome.

    That's a bold decision you've made, to stay in Iran, and I admire you for it. Best of luck.
    MarkDM @ Aug-09-2007
  • Thank you for all your comments.

    The story behind the picture is quite comical actually. A couple of gentleman in the market were lightheartedly mocking one-another, when one of them got offended and started throwing punches. The gentleman on the receiving end of the punches got a bloody nose, and threatened to call the Police. But he was so shaken up that he couldn't dial the number on his cell phone. Meanwhile, witnesses with high testosterone also got involved and confronted the initial aggressor. Then the aggressor's friends got involved, and before I knew it, it was a Market Rumble.

    Salar @ Aug-09-2007
  • Great to hear your view of the society in Iran. It's via documentation (pictures, newspapers e.g.) we, people in the West, can understand how life is in Iran. Through your pictures you give us an excellent opportunity to understand it!
    Jacob S. Jensen @ Aug-10-2007
  • I awfully liked the description. great photoblog.
    Farbud @ Aug-13-2007

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