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After the storm 2007-07-08

Picture 29 in the Iran series.

Another shot of the Caspian sea, taken in Chalous, northern Iran. I was so desperate for a good composition that I just walked right into the water with my brand new runners. For this particular shot, the water was knee-high.

PS: Thank you for all your kind comments and votes.

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Comments (9)

  • Lovely colors here again, well worth getting wet for.
    Jeff Ambrose @ Jul-08-2007
  • Ihave never seen a shade and colour like this one in any pics
    maurice @ Jul-10-2007
  • Sensational atmosphere, I think about post-apocalyptic vision.

    Great !
    Florian @ Jul-10-2007
  • This one certainly has wow factor built in and some. Worth wet runners I say.
    ROB @ Jul-14-2007
  • Beautiful composition, colors are magical too!

    Salar, i have to tell you that my daughter (9 years old) has now her own photography site too! She is following her daddy's steps...


    I hope for your encouragement and support! Thank you all in advance!
    Evi @ Jul-16-2007
  • Great use of long exposure time!cool colrs &tones.well done!
    Shahab @ Jul-18-2007
  • Excellent collection. Great colour and mood. I just voted at PhotoBlog Award site, so good luck!
    Ben @ Jul-19-2007
  • Your pictures are very beautiful! Thanks for your comments, Mr.Motahari.
    Eleftheria @ Jul-19-2007
  • this shot is worth more than a thousand runners
    mazen zeidan @ Apr-11-2009

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