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Rusted Giants 2007-07-07

Picture 28 in the Iran series.

A shot of the Caspian Sea, taken in Chalous, northern Iran. Chalous is only about 150km north of Tehran, but the mountainous road is so incredibly dangerous that the drive takes a little under 5 hours. From Tehran, there's a 2.6km ascent up the Alborz mountains, and then a full descent down to the Caspian sea. I've driven in four continents, but I've never seen such beauty. I'll post some of the shots in the next few days.

PS: Thank you for all your kind comments and votes.

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Comments (4)

  • Nice composition, I like the pastels mixed with the rust.
    Jeff Ambrose @ Jul-07-2007
  • Fascinating capture, lovely work, great composition and perspective!

    One of the most beautiful pictures of yours!
    Evi @ Jul-07-2007
  • A good reflex of your mind , your endless mind .
    saeed beheshti @ Jul-08-2007
  • Wonderful atmosphere with beautiful colors here.

    A way to the fog, a way to the dreams...

    Florian @ Jul-08-2007

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